Why build your family tree in England?

Although it’s simple question there are many potential answers. Most want to explore their family tree in England so that they can discover more about themselves. As England has a fantastic archive of records of all kinds it means that you can really delve deeply in to your families past.

So a lot of people are keen to find out about a particular individual. The individual may have had a murky past in family folklore or they could simply be a special ancestor. You could of course be keen to find out why your family migrated in the past. There really many possibilities.

So what can people expect to find? Searching English census records can give you family groups, occupations, approximate dates of birth and where they were living. You then might want to trace an individual’s will to find out more about their wealth, status and family relationships.

Following on from that you can search for your family tree in graveyards around England. This will help you uncover more details about the family units past as well as the sort of community they were living in.

One other useful source of information is from military archives where you can get a real sense of the turmoil your family member was involved with in times of hardship and strife.

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